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Trade like a Pro by Trading with the Pros

Our guided trading services don’t just give you trade ideas, they help you master a disciplined process to identify and manage trades in a live market environment. Each of the services comes with:

  • Access to the lead analyst, a trader of 20-30 years and, frequently, accredited Chartered Market Technician
  • A 24-7 members-only trading community
  • Archives of all past trades and content
  • At least one weekly webinar
  • Additional members-only opportunities and access to Jon, Pete, and the Market Rebel team

Follow the Smart Money with Unusual Options Activity

Using our proprietary HeatSeeker algorithm, our team identifies big institutional trades to capitalize on suspected insider information.

Unusual Option Activity Essential

Get up to speed on how to get an early jump on big “Smart Money” market moves.

  • Unusual Options Activity
  • Moderate
  • Our proprietary Heat Seeker® algorithm and top analysts identify potential insider-driven market moves
  • Get step-by-step insight into how to identify, analyze, and trade unusual options activity
  • One trade per week geared towards traders new to trading unusual options activity

Unusual Option Activity Pro

Become an Unusual Options Activity trading master with 10+ new trade ideas and updates per week.

  • Unusual Options Activity
  • Aggressive
  • Get a steady stream of trade ideas signaled by our proprietary Heat Seeker® algorithm, vetted by our professional analysts
  • Level up your trading skills with hands-on, live-market insights from our top analyst
  • Geared toward experienced traders looking to be more active in trading UOA

Unusual Option Activity Elite

Get real-time UOA trading insights as part of our community of elite traders—by invitation only.

  • Unusual Options Activity
  • Aggressive
  • Get 1 brand new trade idea per week and updates on open trade ideas
  • Access our live-market chat room with insights from Jon, Pete, and our pro analysts
  • Discuss trade ideas all day long with other elite traders
  • Talk trade ideas all day long with other elite traders inside the ultimate virtual trading floor

Weekly Technical Analysis

Our team of technical analysts use their knowledge of market indicators, patterns, and trends to analyze user-submitted stocks.

Oracle Hour

A weekly “rapid-fire” session of technical analysis on 30+ tickers each week with Chartered Market Technician AJ Monte.

  • Technical Analysis
  • Get expert chart analysis in real-time on stocks chosen by members
  • Covers the hottest stocks and the next potential runners
  • Pro insight based on the technicals for where to buy, sell, hold, or stay away

RapidFire Charts

Join Chief Options Strategist Ryan Mastro and Analyst Bryan McCormick as they break down the charts on your favorite stocks.

  • Technical Analysis
  • LIVE, rapid-fire webinar every week. Interact directly with our chart masters and get weekly analysis on your favorite stock
  • Our top analysts will run through 20+ stocks in a one-hour, rapid-fire session
  • Get the honest feedback you need on the tickers you’re eyeing

Short-Term Swing Trading

Using technical indicators, patterns, and market trends, we develop option trade ideas on a 1-14 day time horizon.

Rebel Weekly

A weekly newsletter featuring 2 momentum trade ideas from Chief Options Strategist Ryan Mastro — delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Swing Trading
  • Beginner
  • Get a detailed write-up of 2 momentum trade ideas using weekly options
  • Access video explanations for each trade candidate
  • Learn the basics of trading potential break outs & break downs
  • Leverage calls and puts that capitalize on bullish and bearish market action

TNT Options

Learn how to leverage the technicals to structure high-probability short-term trades.

  • Swing Trading
  • Moderate
  • Spot potential break outs and break downs in large, liquid stocks and ride the momentum of the market
  • Short-term swing trading based on technical analysis
  • Leverages calls and puts to capitalize on market action

Rebel Pit


This virtual trading room gives active traders expert technical analysis, trade ideas, and guidance — all in real-time.

  • Swing Trading
  • Aggressive
  • 10+ actionable momentum trade ideas every week
  • Live market technical analysis with our analysts
  • Daily 1-hour live-market webinar
  • LIVE rebel chat with our analysts and your fellow traders

Medium-Term Swing Trading

Using technical indicators, patterns, and market trends, we develop option trade ideas on a 1-to-6 month time horizon.

Oracle Essential

Get 2 new options trade ideas each week from Chartered Market Technician AJ Monte — delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Swing Trading
  • Beginner
  • Access 2 real-time trade alerts weekly, using options expiring about one month out in time
  • Get video explanations for each trade candidate
  • Learn the basics of trading technically-based options strategies
  • Leverage calls and puts based on the latest market action

Options Oracle

Leverage the power of technical position trading with 3-5 month trades using various options strategies, including diagonal and vertical spreads.

  • Swing Trading
  • Aggressive
  • Get 1 brand new trade idea per week and updates on open trade ideas
  • Learn the rationale, support and resistance, and overall strategy through video analysis
  • Advanced strategies

Equity Oracle

Make equity trades on 3 to 6-month market swings through technical analysis by Chartered Market Technician AJ Monte.

  • Swing Trading
  • Moderate
  • Learn to read market signals with weekly stock trading ideas
  • Apply risk management strategies using a 3-step plan
  • Get a professional trading checklist to weigh the evidence to make buy or sell decisions on your whole portfolio

Premium Collection Strategies

Involves selling options spreads to capitalize on time-decay with trade ideas offering defined risk.

Time Bandit Options

Strategies to collect premiums in sideways markets and trade the breakouts and breakdowns when markets move.

  • Premium Collection
  • Aggressive
  • Uses Iron Condor strategies designed to collect premium
  • Focuses on “stealing” time with upside or downside breakouts
  • Targets stocks during consolidation, with potential to capitalize on technical breaks
  • Strategies are fully hedged to define and limit risk

Time Bandit Options Pro

Even more credit spread ideas: 3-5 per week using an Iron Condor Strategy.

  • Premium Collection
  • Aggressive
  • Delivers weekly trade ideas for active premium collectors
  • Level up your trading skills with hands-on, live-market guidance from our top analyst
  • Level up your trading skills with hands-on, live-market insights from our top analyst
  • Strategies are fully hedged to define and limit risk

Smart Spreads

Unleash a strategy focused on the power of premium collection for minimizing risk by taking “high probability” positions as defined by technical analysis.

  • Premium Collection
  • Moderate
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to analyze and execute bullish and bearish credit spread trades
  • Two trade ideas per week using a premium-collection strategy in stocks that might be about to break out or break down
  • Short-term trading outlook with strong bias towards aggressive risk management for capital preservation and growth

Long-term Investing

Combines stock and option strategies for long-term success, leveraging a portfolio of top-tier companies.

Pete's Covered Calls

Follow Pete Najarian’s personal portfolio of high-quality, income-generating stocks—with options overlaid to generate premium.

  • Premium Collection
  • Conservative
  • Gain access to a long-term equity-based portfolio
  • Options analysis based on implied volatility and market activity direct from Pete Najarian
  • Discover strategies, insights, and discipline needed to grow a stock portfolio, while also generating cash flow

Phoenix Portfolio

When markets crash, this portfolio is designed to “rise from the ashes”. Learn how to structure a dynamic, long-term portfolio using diagonal spreads.

  • Swing Trading
  • Moderate
  • Gain access to our bullish, long-term portfolio with crash-protection puts
  • Take advantage of advanced strategies to limit your risk of losses when the market goes down
  • Designed specifically for those with large equity holdings who are less experienced with options

Crypto Trading

Crypto trade ideas backed by technical analysis with detailed instructions — all inside a LIVE trading community.

Market Rebellion Crypto

Master the intriguing and volatile world of cryptocurrency with trading veterans as your real-time guides. Stay on top of needle-moving action in the crypto market.

  • Crypto Trading
  • Aggressive
  • Get 2 actionable trade ideas from expert crypto analysts delivered to your inbox weekly
  • Participate in our members-only 24/7 chat community and weekly Q&A webinars
  • Know your stuff: access over 30 guided lessons on everything from the fundamentals to advanced passive-income staking techniques
  • Perform your own analysis with our pro-level crypto charting platform

Crypto Cue

Crypto trade insights delivered right to your inbox every week. See the market through the eyes of our crypto experts.

  • Crypto Trading
  • Moderate
  • Get 1 actionable trade idea per week from our expert crypto analysts, Matt Montemayor and CJ Reichel
  • Trade ideas contain detailed thesis, entry, exit, and stop-loss triggers
  • Discover the strategies, insights, and discipline needed to navigate the volatile waters of the crypto market

What Kind of Trader Are You?

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